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This article describes two ways to take over a DNS domain name in an unmanaged directory in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra. When a self-service user signs up for a cloud service that uses Azure AD, they are added to an unmanaged Azure AD directory based on their email domain. For more about self-service or "viral" sign-up for a service, see What is self-service sign-up for Azure Active Directory?

Take Over


During the process of admin takeover, you can prove ownership as described in Add a custom domain name to Azure AD. The next sections explain the admin experience in more detail, but here's a summary:

When you perform an "internal" admin takeover of an unmanaged Azure directory, you are added as the global administrator of the unmanaged directory. No users, domains, or service plans are migrated to any other directory you administer.

When you perform an "external" admin takeover of an unmanaged Azure directory, you add the DNS domain name of the unmanaged directory to your managed Azure directory. When you add the domain name, a mapping of users to resources is created in your managed Azure directory so that users can continue to access services without interruption.

Some products that include SharePoint and OneDrive, such as Microsoft 365, do not support external takeover. If that is your scenario, or if you are an admin and want to take over an unmanaged or "shadow" Azure AD organization create by users who used self-service sign-up, you can do this with an internal admin takeover.

If you already manage an organization with Azure services or Microsoft 365, you cannot add a custom domain name if it is already verified in another Azure AD organization. However, from your managed organization in Azure AD you can take over an unmanaged organization as an external admin takeover. The general procedure follows the article Add a custom domain to Azure AD.

When you verify ownership of the domain name, Azure AD removes the domain name from the unmanaged organization and moves it to your existing organization. External admin takeover of an unmanaged directory requires the same DNS TXT validation process as internal admin takeover. The difference is that the following are also moved over with the domain name:

External admin takeover is not supported cross cloud boundaries (ex. Azure Commercial to Azure Government). In these scenarios it is recommended to perform External admin takeover into another Azure Commercial tenant, and then delete the domain from this tenant so you may verify successfully into the destination Azure Government tenant.

For RMS for individuals, when the unmanaged organization is in the same region as the organization that you own, the automatically created Azure Information Protection organization key and default protection templates are additionally moved over with the domain name.

The key and templates are not moved over when the unmanaged organization is in a different region. For example, if the unmanaged organization is in Europe and the organization that you own is in North America.

Although RMS for individuals is designed to support Azure AD authentication to open protected content, it doesn't prevent users from also protecting content. If users did protect content with the RMS for individuals subscription, and the key and templates were not moved over, that content is not accessible after the domain takeover.

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