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Apartment 2 720p Download Movie

After recently moving to New York City, Laura's (Laura Dooling) new roommate Elizabeth is already dead and she's left alone in the apartment to deal with the emotional and supernatural aftermath.With the help of Detectives Miller (Frank Wihbey) and Richards (Adrienne King, who is - of course - Alice from Friday the 13th), as well as her ex-boyfriend Christian (Bryan Manley Davis), she has to figure out who left the symbols under Elizabeth's bed and murdered her before she's the next victim.The movie starts with Christian trying to explain to the cops why three dead bodies were in her apartment and also why Laura is gone before rewinding back to its story. That's a huge spoiler delivered by the actual film that we're about to watch. That said, Dooling is great in the film and her fears are quite believable, especially once the power goes out.Director Kurtis Spieler has become well-known for overseeing the dubbing and assembling the footage to create the patchwork cult film New York Ninja. He also made the movies The Devil's Well and Sheep Skin.

Apartment 2 720p Download Movie


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