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Sevastyan Antonov

[S17E13] Forty-One Witnesses

I've been an attorney in NC for 17 years. There is no law or professional rule of conduct that would prevent me from putting a drunk witness on the stand. I am prohibited from asking a witness questions when I have reason to believe they intend to lie, that's suborning perjury, which is a crime under state and federal law. (If you are not an attorney, suborning perjury requires that you convince a witness to lie in a legal proceeding, if you are an attorney, just knowing the witness is going to lie is enough). That said, putting a drunk witness on the stand could subject me to a claim of malpractice since its logical to presume that a drunk witness would be lacking in both predictability and credibility since most witnesses do not have an eidetic memory even when sober.

[S17E13] Forty-One Witnesses

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Meanwhile, Olivia instructed Law & Order: SVU Sgt. Mike Dodds, Detective Fin Tutuola and Detective Sonny Carisi to canvass the scene as well as find witnesses. Fin noted there was no video and nobody has come forward.

An intoxicated woman is attacked in the courtyard outside of her apartment building and the SVU team discovers that there are multiple witnesses (in excess of forty) who witnessed various parts of the attack but didn't call for help. While the woman struggles to remember what happened to her, Benson and Barba must deal with the unreliability of those witnesses in making an ID of the attackers or indeed even testifying. The case only catches a break when Carisi is able to convince an unassuming witness with a supposed photographic memory to step forward. 041b061a72


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