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Sevastyan Antonov
Sevastyan Antonov

Hidvrocx.exe For Win7 64bit

The thing is that it does work on some machines and not on others (worked on a vista x64 machine, a vista x86 machine and a win7 x86 machine, failed on 6 others). Because of this, I know it is not simply a malfunctioning or misconfigured DVR or network problem.

hidvrocx.exe for win7 64bit

If anyone still needs this, your C:\Windows\SysWOW64 is a file called HiDvrOcx.ocx, delete it and have the addin reinstalled, for some reason win7, winvista, on like 40 % of the machines the addon gets corrupted on download from your dvr, dunno why, dont understand it either.


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