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The researchers tested the system using a random sampling of 250 New York Times articles from different eras where the identity of every word was confirmed by two independent transcription experts. Each OCR software program managed about 84 percent accuracy but, when their results were combined with the reCAPTCHA system, the overall accuracy shot up to 99.1 percent. That's actually within the bounds of professional transcription services that use two independent experts to generate copies that are then examined by a third party. The few remaining problems typically came when the OCR software missed word breaks.

The MIT License (MIT) http: //www. Secondly, the World Wide Web was originally developed and constructed by the United States government with a singular goal: preserve a stable democracy. Microsoft’s early development and release of Internet Explorer 3 added Sandbox as a basis for Internet Explorer, and introduced Internet Explorer extensively to the general public for the first time. These concerns were not founded: Content is being distributed in a way that is arguably infringing in nature: the Internet is not a free-for-all; it is still regulated by its users, who have the right to control what is posted to the Internet or taken down and to pass judgment on behalf of others.

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