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Jack Strong 720p Torrent

When you click on a specific torrent file, you get a nicely organized page with all the necessary information (seeders, leechers, age of upload, file info, etc.) plus a few options to download the file.

Jack Strong 720p torrent

But be warned: while there may appear to be 4 options for downloading the torrent file, only two of those will actually give you the file, and the others can sometimes take you to random places.

YTS is the #1 source for downloading movie torrents from YIFY, a popular uploader of high-definition films in small file sizes. This includes content in exotic languages, like Telugu.

The site is clean, well-organized, and allows visitors to download movies in either 720p or 1080p, with the 1080p versions being a larger file and the 720p usually less than 1 GB in size.

Another oldie and goodie is LimeTorrents, which has come a long way since its inception in 2009. This one is different from most other torrent websites on this list because it is not a torrent tracker but rather a meta-search engine (it collects search results from other torrent websites).

RARBG is quite rich in obscurities and can be a good place for those searching for B films, porn, or art house. Of the torrent sites that still work, RARBG is one of the best for Hindi films, cracked software, and games.

Blocking aside, getting caught violating copyrights can result in (and has resulted in) huge fines for torrent users. Since BitTorrent is a very transparent protocol, the act of catching you is effortless.


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