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Download Surfs Up! (Catch Wave) PC Game 2007

Surfing is up! refers to games created on the basis of cartoons. In this case, a full-length American cartoon about surfing birds was used as a basis. Fans of the original can meet well-known characters here. The title gives you the opportunity to ride the board on virtual waves. You can not only play alone, but also together for a PC. The second user needs a gamepad.

Download Surfs Up! (Catch wave) PC Game 2007

The most obvious challenge is to beat the target score by performing tricks. Once you're airborne, either by hitting a ramp or surfing up and off the top of the wave, the A button triggers a quick and easy stunt for 150 points, B launches a more advanced trick which nets you 400 points, while X is used for grab tricks where the points keep racking up as long as you keep the button held down. There are also rails to grind along, and you can earn points by riding the crest of the wave in a similar manner. As in every other extreme sports title, you have to land the trick to earn the points, but this is fairly easy thanks to the game's generally forgiving nature.

It's here that the deviation from the platform game norm proves especially useful. By separating itself from the restrictions of narrative, Surf's Up automatically offers more replay value than its peers. While most of the game's content can be accessed within a few hours of (experienced adult) play, to ace all the courses and win all the trophies requires a little more patience and skill. Even when every last target has been exceeded, there's still life in the thing since zipping around the waves, doing tricks and leaping off ramps is an instinctively appealing proposition. For younger players this sort of repetition isn't really a problem, so long as this immediate appeal is maintained. Heck, my five-year-old son has belted around the same Motorstorm track, in the same car, literally hundreds of times and doesn't look like he'll be getting sick of it any time soon. At that age it's not about some definitive moment of completion, but a purely fun experience that can be returned to over and over. And, on that level, Surf's Up does the business.

Seen through adult eyes, it's a sweet but slender surfing game that's consistently amusing. I thoroughly enjoyed the day it took to milk dry and, as a rental costs about the same as a Live Arcade download of similar entertainment value, I'd say it's still worth a temporary punt even if you've passed the puberty barrier. Or at least give the demo a spin. However, viewed in context as a game designed for a specific audience and tailored to their skills, it's a rewarding and waterlogged Tony Hawk Jr with the potential to stay in rotation after other movie games have been traded in and forgotten. Well done, penguins.

June 13, 2007 - This game is like an all-day sucker. It looks great, it's a lot of fun, and it won't leave a bad taste in your mouth - unless you actually paid for the damn thing yourself. At fifty bucks this is a steep price to pay for what I consider limited entertainment. The gameplay is fun and has enough depth to put a smile on your face for a few hours, but at the end of the day when it's all over, you are the sucker. 041b061a72


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