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Slave Mod Fallout 4

Slave Mod Fallout 4 ===>

In addition to being a slave, you must be the master. What is the master if not the slave It is the master's responsibility to separate the two in line with his own goals. It will not do to be a slave and a master at the same time, for the very act of controlling another will uglify the very self you are. *warns*

*BOOM* All jokes aside, this theme is probably the most in your face of the four themes, as it can be a complete death sentence for most people, but at its best, it can be heartwarming in the right circumstances. The ideal scenario is to have a slaver note that you killed your master then witness that slaver return to Liberty Port in some way affecting the decision of the Delvers, and realizing just enough to have a tale to tell other nations of your heroness (and monetary gain). Alternatively, you could be saved by a slaver who offers to teach you the ways of slaving, though this theme is likely more suited for spoiled rich kids. It's also possible to seek out employers that will induct you fully into the lifestyle of a slaver - either as a minion of the pimp, or a sex slave yourself." - Someguy2000

Character slavers were added to Fallout 2 & 3. The follow up to Fallout 1 added some character slavers, to a limited extent. For example, the slave mods feature Abraham Lincoln (with a new quest), the Blight, and many Cybernetics focused slavers, among others. d2c66b5586


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