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Berlin Strings Kontakt 5 Crack

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Berlin Strings: A High-Quality String Library for Kontakt 5

Berlin Strings is a sample library by Orchestral Tools that features five sections of string players: first violins, second violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Each section has a variety of performance styles and articulations, such as legato, spiccato, pizzicato, tremolo and more. Berlin Strings is designed to work with Native Instruments' Kontakt 5 sampler, and requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher[^2^].

Berlin Strings is praised for its realistic sound, expressive playability and detailed mic options. The library was recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, using a scoring setup that captures the natural acoustics and ambience of the hall. The library also offers four mic positions: close, AB (main), tree and surround[^2^]. Users can mix and match the mic positions to create their own sound balance and depth.

Berlin Strings is not a cheap library, as it costs 840 euros (about $1000) for the full bundle. However, many users consider it worth the price, as it delivers a high-quality and versatile string sound that can suit various genres and projects. Berlin Strings is also compatible with other Orchestral Tools libraries, such as Berlin Woodwinds and Berlin Brass, allowing users to create a full orchestral sound with consistent quality and character[^2^].

However, Berlin Strings is not a perfect library, as it has some drawbacks and limitations. For example, some users have reported issues with loading times, CPU usage and memory consumption. Some users have also complained about the lack of certain articulations or features, such as portamento, trills or divisi. Moreover, Berlin Strings is not a library for beginners, as it requires some knowledge and skill to use it effectively and efficiently[^2^].

Overall, Berlin Strings is a highly recommended library for Kontakt 5 users who are looking for a realistic and expressive string sound that can handle various musical scenarios. It is not a library for everyone, as it has a high price tag and a steep learning curve. However, for those who can afford it and master it, Berlin Strings can be a valuable addition to their musical arsenal.In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the features and functions of Berlin Strings, and how to use them in your music production. We will also provide some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this library.

One of the main features of Berlin Strings is the Adaptive Legato engine, which automatically adjusts the legato transitions based on the speed and direction of your playing. This allows you to create smooth and realistic legato lines without having to switch between different patches or use keyswitches. The Adaptive Legato engine also has three modes: slurred, agile and fast run, which you can select from the interface or via MIDI CC. Each mode has a different character and response, and you can fine-tune the parameters such as speed, volume and vibrato for each mode.

Another feature of Berlin Strings is the Performance Sampling, which enables you to play realistic short notes with natural variations and dynamics. The Performance Sampling patches include spiccato, staccato, pizzicato and col legno, and they have two modes: repetition and performance. In repetition mode, you can play fast repetitions with round-robin samples and dynamic layers. In performance mode, you can play single notes with different lengths and accents, depending on how hard or soft you press the keys. The Performance Sampling patches also have a humanize function, which adds subtle randomization to the timing and tuning of the notes.

A third feature of Berlin Strings is the Bow Change Legato, which simulates the natural change of bow direction in string playing. The Bow Change Legato patches are available for sustains, tremolos and trills, and they allow you to play legato lines with alternating up and down bows. This adds more realism and expression to your


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