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Legend Of Mercy Download For Pc [Patch]

Blizzard is preparing Overwatch patch 1.41, which the developer is describing as a "remaster" of sorts. For this reason, the download for the PTR will be larger than usual. Blizzard is tweaking 13 heroes in this update. Most of the changes seem relatively small, but they can have a huge impact on how they're played moving forward.

Legend Of Mercy Download For Pc [Patch]

Riot Games has released a massive new update for League Of Legends: Wild Rift as players can now download Patch 3.3 today. The patch is being called "Shining Bright" and comes with a host of additions including a few new champions, a beefy update to Ranked & Elemental Rift, as well as new events that you can jump in on in the weeks ahead.


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