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In addition, during the process of literature acquisition, we identified 18 qualitative studies on the topic (cf. Supplementary Material). A comparison to the 104 articles that included 119 quantitative studies and 11 mixed method approaches highlights an immense overrepresentation of quantitative study designs.


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Matching the individual locations with a regular searchwould, as you can guess, be quite a grueling job. Arduous. Debilitating.Excruciating. Sisyphean. Our keywords are all mixed up! But annotationsare evidently gonna rescue us.

Also note that on certain input data mixed codes indexing cangenerate a lot of undesired noise tokens. So when you have a number offields with special terms that do not need to be processed asmixed codes (consider either terms like _category1234, orjust long URLs), you can use the mixed_codes_fieldsdirective and limit mixed codes indexing to human-readable text fieldsonly. For instance:

So if you attempt to wrap and pass anything else, null vector will bepassed to the UDF. Could be a generic mixed vector with numeric valuesof different types, could be an optimized int8 vector,could be a double vector - but in all these cases, despitethe fact that they are compatible and could technically beconverted to some temporary float vector and then passeddown, that kind of a conversion just does not happen. Intentionally, forperformance reasons.

A list of fields that the mixed codes indexing is limited to.Optional, default is empty, meaning that mixed codes should be detectedand indexed in all the fields when requested (ie. whenblend_mixed_codes = 1 is set).

The DBRD (pronounced dee-bird) dataset contains over 110k book reviews along with associated binary sentiment polarity labels. It is greatly influenced by the Large Movie Review Dataset and intended as a benchmark for sentiment classification in Dutch. 041b061a72


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