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The Team Knight Rider

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The Team Knight Rider

Team Knight Rider use five different vehicles for their missions, each with its own computer AI system similar to the original Knight Industries 2000 vehicle. Unlike KITT, these are specialized units with specific roles in the team. In addition, after the K.R.O. incident, Garland has had each vehicle installed with intentional weaknesses to act as a fail-safe in case any of them go rogue.

A short-lived Sequel Series to the original Knight Rider. It ran from October, 1997 to May, 1998, and a total of 22 episodes were produced in its single season. Rather than focusing on one man and his car, TKR featured a team of five operatives and vehicles:

Okay, cut to some 20 odd years later in our time and many MANY years earlier inTrek/Knight Rider's time. Team Knight Rider, a resurrection of the old Knight Rider seriespresented viewers not just with one talking car and its driver but a whole team of five talkingvehicles and their drivers fighting the good fight against evil.

In one episode the team found themselves facing off a Televangelist withan uncanny ability to predict when God would unleash his wrath in the form of earthquakes. Hmmm. How could he know Oh wait. Because he causes them. D'oh!

One of the team, Kevin "Trek" Sanders (see, "Trek"... it's coming), kindagoes missing only to show up on Reverend Ransom's TV show. Seems he decided to infiltrate thereverend's church on his own. Why would he do that Well because "Trek" himself invented the stupidearthquake machine when he was a student at M.I.T. ten years earlier. Even though "Trek" did allthe work, the project was headed by another scientist named... if you don't see it coming by nowyour blind... Dr. Jackson Roykirk. You know, Nomad's pappy. Seems old Roykirk's helping out crazyReverend guy (sort of ironic and appropriate since Roykirk is played by M*A*S*H's resident priest,"Father Mulcahy", William Christopher). Yep, seems good old stable Roykirk has bought into thewhole "earthquake machine" = "divine hand of God" idea. Pretty stupid genius ya ask me. Needlessto say, the talking lube-job brigade kicks some crazy evangelistic arse and saves the day. Nowsince Nomad isn't launched till 2020 I'm guessing between this episode and Nomad's creation Roykirk got the therapy his boy Nomad so badlyneeded.

Still, this Roykirk guy has a pretty crappy track record in the wholeinventing game. First he heads a team to make an earthquake machine. Yeah, because that can beput to so many positive uses like... uh.... uh... creating petty havoc Then the guy tries to dogood. He comes up with a project with no possible negative repercussions: make a semi-sentientrobot space probe that is supposed to go into space and look for alien life. No brainer. Its afeel good positive mission all around with no downside. Thing is leaving Earth so it can't hurtanyone and the odds of it even finding life out in space are so slim the odds of any problem isinfinitesimal. But oh no. The guy ends up creating a hard of healing perfectionist that managesto kill off all the humanoid life in an entire space sector before it gets a B on an aural test anddecides to take a pass on the whole life thing. Way to create an emissary of peace Roykirk! Please stop inventing helpful items before you kill us all.

An attack on Kyle and Dante leaves the TKR team leader gravely injured and his AI almost dead. The vicious attacks brings Michael Knight and Kitt back into the picture. With them, Karr and his driver enter the fray as well

Meanwhile, the evil Kaila has driven to the airport to meet an international arms dealer named Carlos. She intends to sell the E.M.P. gun to him. Carlos wants proof that the weapon is up to his expectations, Kaila suggests shooting down one of the landing airplanes and says it will be fun. She aims at the plane and is ready to shoot it down and kill hundreds, when TKR suddenly arrives, she turns to them and gleefully fires at the team, causing their vehicles to be successfully deactivated, she then has them trapped and carries on trying to kill them. The unexpected arrival of an additional TKR member turns the tables on Kaila. She tries to flee by jumping into the back of a van, but is pursued by Jenny.

Over ten years after Michael Knight and his intelligent car, KITT, fought criminals 'above the law', the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) continues to tackle evildoers. But now rather than one man, it operates using a team of five drivers, each with their own intelligent, talking vehicle.

Team Knight Rider use five different vehicles for their missions, each with its own computer AI system like the original Knight Industries 2000 vehicle. Unlike KITT, these are specialized units with specific roles in the team. In addition, after the K.R.O. incident, Garland has had each vehicle installed with intentional weaknesses to act as a fail-safe in case any of them go rogue.

Jenny takes some time off to go jogging, but is attacked and kidnapped. The team tracks a signal from her wrist communicator to a location in the mountains. because the rough terrain, Duke and Beast go out to find her. As they near the signal, they find a lone man. A raven, carrying Jenny's communicator lands on his shoulder. The man tells Duke that if he wants to see Jenny alive, he'll have to do everything he's told. Duke hands over his communicator, and reports back to the team they hit a dead end.

In Washington D.C., Kyle, Jenny, and Duke stop a semi-truck carrying a shipment of missiles and other heavy artillery. Kyle is convinced that the men they captured are not the brains behind the operation. The mysterious "ventilator man", Mobius, watches the team, and triggers a bomb planted in the truck. A spectacular explosion completely destroys the truck.

Back aboard SkyOne, Dennis and Trek examine Domino, but can't figure out what caused the malfunction. The owner of the house also remains a mystery, but Dante notices wheelchair tracks in the carpet from Domino's video scans. Mobius contacts the team again, and tells them that at 6pm a bomb will explode at the city's finest mall, and that he assumes he made his point. They figure out the bomb must be located in the Washington Monument in the Washington Mall. Kyle, Trek and Duke go to the monument, and Dante scans a strange object inside. They close down the monument and Duke goes inside. He discovers the "bomb", but it turns out to just be just a toy that plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" when it "explodes".

News reports announce that the attack on the Monument may have been a result of "friendly fire", and Kyle receives a call from the President. Trek finds a computer virus in the cars, but the vehicles are supposed to be immuned to external viruses, so he suspects a saboteur must have had dircet access to the vehicles. Mobius calls the team again, telling them he plans to blow the addict off of George's attic, and calls Kyle a "meathead". After some discussion, they assume Mobius meant the Smithsonian, America'a attic. Some loud banging interrupts their meeting, and they go to the garage where Beast is trying to ram his way off the plane. Kyle is nearly electrocuted when he jumps on Beast's hood in an attempt to stomp him. Trek manages to attach some electrical contacts to Beast and deactivate him.

Chef Clayton confesses to Mechanic Dennis: he substituted fat-free cream in the meals 2 weeks ago. Jenny identifies Dennis as the person who infected the cars with the virus by implanting it in the CD he gave Jenny to listen to. Dennis claims he didn't just do it for the money Mobius paid him; he never really felt part of the "team".

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The Knight Riders group, who own Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has acquired their fourth team in T20 franchise cricket and it will be based out of Abu Dhabi in the upcoming UAE T20 league. 153554b96e


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