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Where To Buy Dyson Fans


Where To Buy Dyson Fans

We asked our lab experts who've tested a range of the latest pedestal and tower fans, including products from Dyson, if the cult brand's fans are worth the cash, and if those other features such as air purifying really work.

Dyson fans are no longer just fans. All models in the current Dyson range double as air purifiers, designed to cool your home with purified air. Some also have heating capabilities. They all come in a 'tower fan' design, as opposed to a basic pedestal fan design, and are available in various finishes and sizes.

Tower (or column) fans have a long rectangular air outlet that usually sits closer to the floor, although their upper section can still blow air at a reasonable height, and some have louvres to direct the air flow up or down. They're often best suited to a large living area.

All fans in the Dyson range are also air purifiers that claim to improve indoor air quality by projecting purified air, either hot or cool, throughout your home, and removing dust, allergens, gases, odours and pollution in the process.

Barnes says another reason that Dyson air purifiers failed to impress our testers could be because they're designed to do double-duty as fans, so this may require some compromise in how much air is filtered at any moment.

"Although these fans perform adequately in our tests, we find that if you're just looking for something to circulate air and create a cooling breeze, the Dyson fans probably aren't worth the extra cash," says Ciaramidaro.

CHOICE tip: Most fans could be run 24/7 all summer and you'd only pay about $30 or less for electricity. To make sure you get the best fan for what you need, read our fan buying guide.

"It scored only OK for air flow and the running costs are $13.36 per season, whereas the running costs of both Dyson models we tested were less than a third of that amount. The higher running costs of the Kmart model will eat into your savings on the purchase price over time."

The 630 also comes backed by a five-year warranty (PDF) that covers any defects in material or workmanship; if those are the issue, Vornado will repair or replace your fan free of charge. Vornado sends you a prepaid label if it needs to repair your fan, which means repairs are actually free. Several Amazon reviewers even said that Vornado replaced their fans or parts of them at no cost for issues outside of warranty, such as when they accidentally dropped the fan a day after buying it.

The Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan was less powerful than the Seville and Vornado tower fans we tested, and it was noticeably wobbly on both carpet and hard flooring. Moreover, the smaller Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 table fan is powerful enough to function as a whole-room fan but costs about $70 less.

Many of Dyson's fans are multitaskers and can purify the air or provide heat, too. You can read more about Dyson's options in our review of the Dyson Hot + Cool and our guides to the best fans and tower fans.

The best Dyson fans do so much more than just cool the air. Nowadays, the best Dyson fans are not just fans, and so will cool, heat, humidify and even purify the air of your home. Dyson fans also look rather chic, too.

And, with one of the hottest summers in recent memory now over, and the cooler (but still quite warm and humid) autumn months now upon us, now is a great time to be shopping for one of the best Dyson fans.

This is because demand for fans is now markedly reduced and, also, that many products are being discounted by retailers in end-of-summer-season sales. You likely won't get this year's Dyson fan models discounted much, but shop a year or two behind and there are some proper bargains to be bagged.

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