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Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

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Because a PIN is a security measure that controls access to keys stored on a smart card and the configuration file contains the PIN in the plain-text form, consider additional protection to prevent an attacker from reading the PIN. For example, you can use the pin-source attribute and provide a file: URI for reading the PIN from a file. See RFC 7512: PKCS #11 URI Scheme Query Attribute Semantics for more information. Note that using a command path as a value of the pin-source attribute is not supported.

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Because Nginx also uses the OpenSSL for cryptographic operations, support for PKCS #11 must go through the openssl-pkcs11 engine. Nginx currently supports only loading private keys from an HSM, and a certificate must be provided separately as a regular file. Modify the ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key options in the server section of the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf configuration file: 041b061a72


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