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Smile Please Full Movie Download 720p Moviesl: A Comedy Drama That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Smile Please Full Movie Download 720p Moviesl: A Comedy Drama That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

If you are looking for a movie that will make you smile and touch your heart, then you should watch Smile Please, a comedy drama that was released in 2019. The movie stars Lalit Pradhan, Mukta Barde, Prasad Oak, and Vedashree Mahajan in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Vikram Phade and produced by Nitin Vaidya.

Smile Please Full Movie Download 720p Moviesl

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What is Smile Please about?

Smile Please is a story of a successful photographer named Nandini (Mukta Barde), who suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's disease. She starts to lose her memory and forgets her family, friends, and work. Her husband Rajesh (Prasad Oak) tries to cope with her condition and support her, but he also struggles with his own emotions and frustrations. Nandini's daughter Ria (Vedashree Mahajan) is a rebellious teenager who resents her mother's illness and blames her for ruining her life. She also has a crush on a boy named Viraj (Lalit Pradhan), who happens to be Nandini's assistant and friend.

The movie shows how Nandini deals with her disease and tries to find happiness in the small moments of life. It also shows how Rajesh, Ria, and Viraj help her to smile and remember her past. The movie is a mix of comedy and drama, with some emotional scenes that will make you cry. The movie also has some beautiful songs composed by Saleel Kulkarni and sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Avinash Vishwajeet, and others.

Where can you watch Smile Please?

If you want to watch Smile Please, you can download it in 720p quality from Moviesl, a popular website that offers free movies and shows. Moviesl has a huge collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other regional movies. You can also stream the movie online on Moviesl without any registration or subscription.

However, you should be aware that downloading or streaming movies from Moviesl is illegal and may land you in trouble. Moviesl is a piracy website that uploads copyrighted content without the permission of the owners. Piracy is a crime that affects the film industry and causes huge losses to the producers and distributors. Therefore, we advise you to avoid using Moviesl or any other similar websites and watch movies only from legal sources.

What are some legal alternatives to Moviesl?

If you want to watch Smile Please legally, you can do so from the following platforms:

Amazon Prime Video: You can rent or 0efd9a6b88


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