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Shameless Propaganda

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Shameless Propaganda

This feature documentary examines its own genre, which has often been called Canada's national art form. Released in the year of the NFB's 75th birthday, Shameless Propaganda is filmmaker Robert Lower's take on the boldest and most compelling propaganda effort in our history (1939-1945), in which founding NFB Commissioner John Grierson saw the documentary as a "hammer to shape society". All 500 of the films produced by the NFB until 1945 are distilled here for the essence of their message to Canadians. Using only these films and still photos from that era, Lower recreates the picture of Canada they gave us and looks in it for the Canada we know today. What he finds is by turns enlightening, entertaining, and unexpectedly disturbing.

At the end of WWII, Grierson wanted to continue producing propaganda in peacetime. His grandiose vision for shaping Canadian culture and politics on the global stage slowly began to trail into foreign policy, but Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King felt Grierson was encroaching upon his authority. Grierson resigned in 1945 shortly after the war, with much pressure from King, but peacetime propaganda continued to be a prominent presence after the war. Want to know more about postwar propaganda Read this post.

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Of course, the blatant corporate propaganda would be easier to forgive if the movie were any good. But this devotion to promoting the Disney brand above all else also wreaks havoc on the dramatic impact of the story. Are we really to believe that Travers changed her mind about Disney because of a merry-go-round That the filmmakers thought this would suffice as a turning point speaks to how little they bothered to understand her character.

Anti-vaccination propaganda targeted specifically to parents has popped out throughout Hasidic communities in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Rockland County, N.Y. and it appears to have convinced some mothers that the vaccines are more dangerous than the disease. The vast majority of the 704 confirmed measles cases in 22 states are located in these communities, according to the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) latest data, released Monday. Of those cases, 432 are in Brooklyn.

In a desperate attempt to present a good picture of the administration of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to the visiting APC presidential candidate Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Sokoto on February 9, 2023, one Dahiru Maishanu, in a restricted circulated open letter, embarked on a shameless image laundering propaganda, for the outgoing governor

However, because he was only out for propaganda and image laundering for those who commissioned him to do the job, he completely ignored the very important aspect of accountability with the application of public resources to those projects

Therefore, the propaganda stunt, should be seen for what it is, a mere deception and crafty attempt to hide the odious stench that the Tambuwal administration is covered in. We have a duty to expose the excesses of the Tambuwal administration, which is seen as the worst administration in the history of Sokoto state

Facts are sacred and so no amount of propaganda can erase the indelible marks Wamakko has left behind as a two term proactive governor. We need not remind Maishanu and his sponsored that the State University which he claimed was completed and equipped by Tambuwal was a full fledged institution which had graduated students before Wamakko handed over state affairs to Tambuwal in 2015. Tambuwal added only one physical structure since 2015. And for the records, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was among the personalities that graced the commissioning ceremony by former head of state, Abdulsa


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