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[S1E1] Would You

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[S1E1] Would You

Besides, there's others who desire the throne more than her. Her Uncle Daemon (Matt Smith, the perfect mix of caddish charm and teeth-gnashing malevolence), for instance. The two display an odd, yet playful camaraderie when they meet in the Throne Room, where he sits comfortably atop the spiky, sword-laden Iron Throne. (Contrast his comfort with Viserys, who nurses multiple wounds from the throne, including a pus-oozing hole in his back that won't seem to heal.) Daemon believes he'll be next in line for the throne if Aemma's child isn't a boy. He would like that.

Meanwhile, Aemma's labor is going as badly as she'd feared. The maester tells Viserys that she's going to die, but that there's a chance to save the child. To do so, however, would mean cutting it out and inflicting tremendous amounts of pain on Aemma. Viserys, desperate for an heir, doesn't struggle long before asking them to cut out the baby. They do (in a punishing, ear-splitting sequence) and Viserys soon finds himself standing over the blood-soaked corpse of his wife, holding a baby that will be dead in just a few short hours. Aemma's suffering was in vain.

Hey great work on this, just one question. Regarding the scene of Walt literally laundering the money out, I m assuming its the money from the meth they cooked. If so, when did they manage to distribute this meth n earn all that money And why did Jesse have to rely on crazy 8 then if apparently they were doing just fine before him. This scene is really confusing and would appreciate any answer.

That begs the question of why the Sheriff of this here town wouldn't be allowed at this residence. There's a backstory here we aren't privy to yet, but it feels like it's going to be important in understanding the mechanisms of how things operate in this world.

US MALE (sound like helicopter in background): There is no-one on the ground that I can see but there does appear to be a large smouldering bonfire I would guess. There's one large stake in the ground. Hard to make out from here what I'm looking at.

By all accounts, Dr Oscar Totem was a remarkable man, revered by some, feared by many but respected by all within his field. But, as stated earlier, no-one would go on record for any part of this story, perhaps out of fear of the potential link of their name to his. Despite his fall from grace, Dr Totem remains remarkable for another reason. His were the only human remains found in the town on the day of the disappearance. His teeth were recovered from the charred remnants at the base of the stake on the execution site. It is presumed he was burned alive. Why is the question no-one can answer, the question that no-one can answer at nearly every turn of Limetown.

TH: Right. And nothing says 'grid' quite like a Sears catalogue. The mail would come in one very large delivery to the guard shack we walked past by the fence and then they would distribute it within the town themselves. No-one was hiding. That gets lost in time a bit. This town was not hidden from the world. It was built in plain sight. It operated in plain sight. We knew something unique was happening but no-one really cared, not until after of course. Why would they It's hard to think about now but these were real people. Are real people. Sorry, I'm an optimist

To say these houses were pristine images of the past would not be accurate, however. Animals and intruders alike had certainly taken their shots before the lockdown of the site. But the most noticeable thing and the most difficult thing to ignore:

The first infected that Sarah sees in The Last of Us features a small detail that shows a huge change from the games. Before the premiere of The Last of Us, showrunner Craig Mazin revealed that spores wouldn't be in the series. In the games, spores are airborne particles that infect humans that breathe them in. However, episode 1 has already revealed the spores' replacement, w


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