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Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC V2019.021.20047 VERIFIED

I've followed through on my follow-up troubleshooting ideas (which included your suggestion) to do whatever updates are available for the two main software I'm experiencing issues with (i.e. AutoCAD 2020 which I updated to v2020.1, and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro which I updated to v2019.021.20047).

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v2019.021.20047

Just to highlight that I am using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and not Adobe Reader as per the links you shared. I also wanted to make very sure there is no corrupt install on my side, so I did a clean install of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (v2019.021.20047), which then auto-updated to v2019.021.20048 when I launched it for the first time.

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