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Graphic artist Robert Rogershas spent 20 years in South Austin. "There's something in the air that you notice as soon as you cross the river out here. It's just a different lifestyle. There's just something about the electricity you can feel. The vibrations in the air. Also, the people seem to be a little friendlier, the pace is a little bit slower. I just wouldn't care to live on the north side. Wouldn't live there even if the cost of living was a little bit cheaper. I'd pay more to live on the south side of town."

Doug and Sylvia Votra say they live "deeper in Bubbaland," but I caught up to them celebrating their friend Josh's 11th birthday in the Dawson neighborhood. Between them, they've lived in South Austin a total of 42 years. "It seems like it's more family-oriented. Seems like there's more neighborhoods," says Doug. "South Austinites seem to be a little bit more down home. North Austinites seem to be more urban," adds Sylvia. "It's the college kind of crowd up north," Doug explains. "Younger, yuppyish. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not us."

"We were trying to find a house that we could afford. Back then we ran into problems trying to rent a house. There was a lot of bias. If they saw you were Hispanic, they wouldn't sell you a house and they wouldn't rent you an apartment. A lot of people here were older, a little bit more tolerant."

In addition to the crime, Amaro says, cars have always sped down her street. "Last week a little boy got hit around the corner from here. I think he's in critical condition. You see kids playing and they still speed by."

Eleven-year Zilker neighborhood resident Harry Bodine says the growth happening all over Austin has not yet seeped into his neighborhood. "When I first lived here I lived in North Austin for two years. I hated it. There was no place to walk and it just seemed like cars everywhere. Here I can ride my bike and go to the greenbelt and Town Lake. I can walk up to the store. It's a little more friendlier." He adds that traffic is not so bad in his neighborhood yet. "South Lamar's kind of a drag at five or six o'clock. Yeah, I'm worried about it."

"The change here has been for the better, basically, you know, because this was a funky neighborhood. I'm excited to see people fixing up their houses a little bit. And that Lamar Plaza is getting incrementally upgraded. It's nice. I think the change is basically a thing for the better in this neighborhood."

Laub's neighbor, Linda Boxberger, strolls up with a carton of Czechoslovakian glass to show Laub, and ends up assisting her neighbor on the roof and joining in the conversation. "I guess we were looking for an older neighborhood with a mixed character. We would have liked it to be more racially mixed, but we liked the kind of economic mix and the age mix. And we wanted mature trees and little houses and we like the yards where people are putting in plants and taking care but they're not like manicured and sterilized and domesticated into lawn situations. That was a lot of the attraction, was just driving through and seeing the trees and people's just kind of relaxed native plant landscaping." 041b061a72


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