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Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

Where to Find Medical Parasitology in the Philippines by Belizario PDF Online and Offline

the book is currently being used by more than 800 universities and colleges in the philippines. it is also distributed to health care facilities in the philippines for self-study purposes. the book is also used by medical students and residents.

philippine textbook of medical parasitology by belizario pdf download 165

the book is also part of the advance textbook series of the philippine college of physicians. the book is also used as a reference work in the country, and it is frequently cited and recommended for referencing purposes.

she is the coordinator of the parasitology training program for high school students, the parasitology training for graduate students, and the parasitology training for college of public health students. she is also a member of the philippine parasitology association. she has been working at the doh for more than 26 years.

as a teacher, she is a past recipient of the philippine association of medical technologists outstanding teacher award in the field of medical technology. she is a mentor to the doh parasitology unit and was a member of the parasitology advisory board of the national commission on higher education (ched). she has been involved in the development of a state-of-the-art parasitology course in the doh college of public health. the materials developed for this course were then used as a foundation for a who-led training program in parasitology.

she has also been a guest lecturer in the philippine association of medical technologists' research seminar, the university of the philippines college of medicine, the university of sto. tomas and the university of santo tomas.


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