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NieR:Automata Day One Edition (crack [TOP]ED) 2018 No Survey

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Essentially everything about the game is the same. Sure it has a couple of weird changes like combat was simplified, and Nier's comrades have a different affect on his battle style, but other than that, everything about the game is the same, making the game virtually a complete duplicate from the previous games. While the game is extremely linear, and even while I was fully aware of that, the game has enough of its own characteristics, to the point where I really enjoyed the game, despite its extremely linear nature. Basically, if you like Nier, you will like this game.

But Nier: Automata also comes with its own brand new set of problems, mainly being the generally questionable direction of its storytelling. To the point where you start thinking that maybe they just used Nier: Automata to cash in on the popularity of the Nier series, and just had themselves a game that happened to include the word 'Nier' in its title. Nier:Automata picks up with Nier being an old man, who's now older than dad Nier (and now lives on his own). Nier's memories and the team he built have come back, and Nier decides to go back to see if they can find out how he turned into a broken old man and who killed his wife. Which then, because Nier:Automata is nearly 100 hours long, is followed by him going to the old man to see how he went from being young and building his team of hackers and repairman to an old and broken man. Then after another 100 hours we have Nier going to the old man to see if he can fix him, or if he's too far gone to do anything for him. And while there are tons of questions about the direction of the story, or a better way to tell a story, or whether the first 10 minutes of the game are there for exposition or just to make you want to skip the rest of it, it works for me. Once Nier is home again, he gets to rebuild his team of hackers and repairmen, (which is explained thoroughly in the first 10 minutes of the game) and get back to doing what he does best. 3d9ccd7d82


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