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Flogging Horse Bondage

A flogging horse is a piece of sex furniture often used in the BDSM community for positioning the body of a submissive partner so that they can more easily be flogged by their dominant. A flogging horse looks like a padded sawhorse, with tethers for securing the submissive.

flogging horse bondage

To use a flogging horse, the person to be flogged must straddle the seat and bend over to receive their punishment. The tethers work to secure them to the horse and can be titillating as a form of light bondage.

Flogging can cause damage to the body, so a dominant should be experienced before administering this punishment. The dominant should also watch for signs of circulatory problems when restraining a submissive with a flogging horse. Changes in skin color, reduced temperature, and loss of sensation are all signs of circulatory problems. Safewords or signals are essential in this type of pain play.

You won't even find these hulking apparatuses in kink-catering stores. These products are made by fetish-centric craftspeople. I caught up recently with one of these kink specialists. His name is Simon, and he is the carpenter behind Saxon Dungeon Furniture, a well-regarded maker of high-quality wooden bondage chairs, crosses, straddles, tables, and walls. He told me about how he fell into this work, how surprisingly easy it was for him to build a client base, and how he decides what to build and sell.

Most of your basic stuff sells for about $500 to $2,000. How high can custom orders go for?The sky is the limit on customizations. For instance, I was asked to upholster specifically in Italian leather on a genuine mahogany piece. I think the most expensive piece I ever made was a black walnut and leather horse with custom metalwork for about $5,000.

Are there any designs that sell reliably well for you?The Centurion. From the moment I made that, it's been the best-seller. I've seen copies of it online a lot. I'm not sure who the people are who're making it, but there's not much I can do about it. I don't know whether they are cutting into my business. I assume that they are. Generally, [the most common first item people buy] seems to be either a horse or a cross.

What's the most interesting or complex piece of bondage furniture you've ever developed?The Titan. That was a custom order for a celebrity five or six years ago. It was a pain in the ass to do at the time and to deal with the person, but that ended up being one of my best sellers.

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Hopefully you enjoyed this foray into the world of riding crop BDSM tools! Remember to be careful, get consent, and use safe words and/or safe signals depending on whether the sub is gagged or not. Also, if someone gives you a riding crop as a present, remember not to look a gift horse in the mouth. There. I did a horse pun. I had to do one somewhere.Have fun!

After the weekend at Doc's, all Steve's hard work has paid off when Darren goes to work. But it doesn't feel right. He takes the guys for a tryout they won't enjoy. Especially not the flogging initiation after he bullwhipped the boss.

It's the first day on the job for Steve and his guys, first day as slaves to Hardwicke Co. In Chapter 3, Steve signed them on for a week trial and maybe six months. Yesterday he and the guys had their tour and then their initiation by flogging. Steve wakes up to a surprise, then Luke gets his, and the new day and new job begin.

A victorious, English, public school rugby team, on the way back from an away match at another school, gets completely drunk celebrating its victory and loses control of itself with the direst of consequences.. The entire team and the master in charge suffer a monumental flogging, the likes of which had never been seen before in the history of the school. Yhe team becomes a living legend

Denis shows up for a session at the home of the two tops who used him at the sauna. He gets his first-ever flogging by their mate Master James, and the three tops take turns to give Denis's mouth and backside plenty of exercise.

The decadence movement in poetry and literature brought with it a delight in shock and perversion. Algernon Swinburne, an enthusiastic recipient of many a flogging, deliberately spread a rumor that he had had sex with, then eaten, a monkey.

Gently does it! A suede flogger may look like a softie, but be careful not to mess with it; it also has a real sting in its tail. Ideal to ease beginners into the wonderful world of flogging, it is also the perfect choice for sensation play enthusiasts. We recommend our Lelo Sensua Suede Whip to beginners.

For those that enjoy a well balanced diet of flogging and other BDSM activities! Balanced floggers are designed so that the handle counteracts the weight of the tails, putting less strain on the flogging wrist. This is often an important design feature for those that take their flagellation seriously. There are two main types of balanced flogger; one is fancy and the other is shot loaded.

After we eat, I dismiss my managers and the other room is used. It is fitted out as a chamber for punishment and pleasure. There are iron rings set into the walls, floor and ceiling so that slaves can be displayed in various poses for scourging. A whipping post stands in the center of the room. The flogging horse I brought from Rome is probably the most often used piece of furniture in the chamber. A slave can be secured to the horse so that her back and ass can be freely whipped. The slave is held at just the correct height for me to be able to easily fuck either end.

"Very good. Guard, remove your breechcloth and stand in front of the girl. You are going to get a treat. Bee, you are going to suck this man's cock. While you are doing that, I shall be flogging you. You must not bite him. Dire punishment awaits you if you do that. Guard, begin."

I move behind the girl and pick up a leather scourge. With light strokes, I start flogging Bee's ass. As I work, I hear her moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She does like to have a cock in her mouth. My own phallus grows stiff and I decide to see how this girl likes being fucked from both ends at once. I drop the scourge and step in close. I guide my cock to her dripping pussy and slowly push it into her.

BDSM is a lifestyle that entails consentual erotic practices involving control, submission, discipline, giving or receiving pain for sexual pleasure, and bondage. And in this capacity, the various aspects are:

While many may think that those who engage in the BDSM lifestyle have a yearning for all kinds of violence and or abuse, this is by no means the case. In fact, the act of flogging is not necessarily practised out of aggression but more so the act of love and sexual excitement.

Overall, the biggest use is just to have fun with your partner. If you enjoy playing with a flogger and its safe, go ahead and do it. If you enjoy your flogging, have fun collecting all the different types of floggers. Enjoy yourself!

Light, light, and light! to break and melt in sunder All clouds and chains that in one bondage bind Eyes, hands, and spirits, forged by fear and wonder, And sleek fierce fraud with hidden knife behind; There goes no fire from heaven before their thunder Nor are the links not malleable that wind Round the snared limbs and souls that ache thereunder; The hands are mighty were the head not blind Priest is the staff of king, And chains and clouds one thing, And fettered flesh, with devastated mind Open thy soul to see, Slave! and thy feet are free; Thy bonds and thy belief are one in kind, And of thy fears thine irons wrought Hang weights upon thee fashioned out of thine own thought.

Too much common sense in this country! Common sense may suffice to discredit the story that the universe was created in six days or the legend of the Virgin Mary and the Child. Equally so may common sense be a necessary adjunct of horse-traders. But common sense is never sufficient to pave the way for great, liberating ideas. To accomplish the latter one must bear in mind the words of the father of Saint Simon. Every morning, when awakening his son, he greeted him with the following words, "Remember, my son, one must have enthusiasm to carry out great deeds."

As to the peasants in the Baltic provinces it was still worse. Whole villages were flogged. Those men whom a local landlord would name as "dangerous" were shot on the spot, without any further inquiries--very often a son for his fattier, one brother for another, an Ivanovsky for an Ivanitsky. . . . It was such an orgy of flogging and killing that a young officer, having himself executed several men in this way, shot himself next day when he realized what he had done.

What should the nobi be called in English? Slaves, serfs, or servants? They were one or the other, or all three, their individual status varying not only with the place and time of their bondage but also with the particular character of the relationship between an individual nobi and his master. Though slaves by most definitions, the nobi were in many significant ways unlike the slaves of the antebellum South, with whom the word slave is mostly associated today. Among Korean scholars of the nobi there is yet no consensus as to the English word most equivalent to the Korean word nobi. In order to make my discussion less confusing to the reader, the Korean word nobi alone will be used here. 041b061a72


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