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Journal Riven Lux

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Journal Riven Lux

on the 17th of march, 2057 i made a speech in front of the people here at the town of thang, in which i confessed to some of my past sins. among those that i named in particular, were those who would attempt to silence me. i have an apartment on the island currently, and i get a lot of visits from those who are loyal to me, and some who are not so loyal. currently, i have two men living there permanently, armed guards and all. i am absolutely paranoid and will not tolerate any attempts to silence me. i believe that, were i to decide, i could even control what words people see in their journal. i have implemented something very similar to that at riven. now no one has all the information, and some have more than they should. also, were you to try and read between the lines, i suspect that you wouldnt be able to. however, if you were able to read between the lines, it wouldnt mean much, because your eyes would be able to read the lines, and your brain would be able to read between the lines, but your head wouldnt have the writing in between the lines. however, if you were able to read between the lines, it would come as a shock to you. because you couldnt be expected to know what was going on.

on the 22nd of march, 2057 i was appointed master of thang. a collection of confessions are posted daily, but only those that are relevant are made available to the public. on the 22nd of april, i made my first public speech, and on the 21st of may, i made my first public speech in front of the city of loforil. when the speech was over, the next day, the president announced that he would enter a recess of four weeks. he also made a brief speech in which he made a direct challenge to me to come to the country of hope. this was the first time i had ever heard a clear challenge issued from the president, as up until this point he simply issued orders. he also offered "free healthcare", free education, equal time for every citizen, and even free food. however, i remained unmoved and simply stated, "i have nothing to say." after the speech, i said to thal, "i should be gone from here, they just dont understand what it means to be true to your convictions. but perhaps, after 4 weeks, i will go to the country of hope. ill let you know if it occurs". 3d9ccd7d82


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