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Camera360: Selfie Photo Editor With Funny Sticker V9.7.5 [Mod] [Latest]

How to Edit Your Selfies with Camera360 Mod v9.7.5

If you are looking for a free beauty camera and a global community of photography with over 500 million users, you should try Camera360 Mod v9.7.5. This app is one of the best apps of 2016 on Google Play in several countries. It contains professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects. You can make your selfies more awesome with this app. Here are some tips on how to edit your selfies with Camera360 Mod v9.7.5.

Camera360: Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker v9.7.5 [Mod] [Latest]

Smooth your skin

One of the features of Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 is the smooth skin effect. You can transform your skin to smooth and super soft with just one tap. You can also customize the level of smoothness according to your preference. This feature can help you say goodbye to your old self and become a goddess in 1 step.

Shape up your face and body

Another feature of Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 is the shape up effect. You can shape up your face and body wherever you like, however you want. You can make your eyes bigger, your lips more charming, your nose slimmer and your face smaller. You can also protect the parts you dont want to edit. This feature can make you look like a professional beauty doctor did your makeover.

Add funny stickers

Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 also has over 100 funny stickers that even move. You can add them to your selfies to make them more fun and lively. The app has smart face recognition, so it can capture not only your face but also your expression. You can also play interactively with the stickers by tapping or dragging them.

Apply stylish filters

Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 has over 300 filters that you can use to stylize your selfies. You can choose from art filters and cartoon photo effects, such as anime sky, visual portrait, magic sky, starry night, foodie, HDR, sketch, etc. You can also mix filters and use them partially for photos.

Make a poster or a video

If you want to make your selfies more creative, you can use the poster camera or the video camera features of Camera360 Mod v9.7.5. You can make a poster with creative photo collage & photo frames & layouts & photo grid templates. You can also make a short video of 10s60s with music and filter effects.


Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 is a great app for editing your selfies and making them more awesome. You can download it from or Google Play. You can also join the global community of creative photography and share your pics with other users.

Adjust the color settings

Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 also allows you to adjust the color settings of your selfies. You can tweak 13 basic parameters including saturation level, exposure, highlight, shade, layers, color temperature, hue, etc. You can also use the image correction feature to fix the vertical and horizontal alignment of your photos. This feature is suitable for editing photos of buildings or landscapes.

Share your selfies with the world

Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 is not only a photo editor but also a social network for connecting with other users. You can share your selfies with the world and discover the latest trends and information about your interests. You can also follow like-minded people and watch videos and favorite pics. You can also post your comments and likes and interact with other users.

Download Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 now

If you want to make your selfies more awesome and join a global community of creative photography, you should download Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 now. This app is free and easy to use. You can enjoy all the features and filters without any limitations. You can also get updates and new content regularly. Dont miss this opportunity and download Camera360 Mod v9.7.5 now. c481cea774


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