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In September last year, went into stealth mode, and has since unveiled a series of products from hardware to services to compete in the enterprise space. One of the company's first products was a small-scale deployment of 2.5G networks.

The 4G LTE rollout in the US has been proceeding at a decent clip, and we’re still more than four years out from the arrival of 5G.5G is nothing like 4G. It will indeed be four times faster than 4G, but it won’t necessarily be four times as fast as fiber-optic internet connections.

In other words, as the network as a whole becomes increasingly ubiquitous, it’s anybody’s guess how much faster it’ll get, and how long it will take for the speed of each network component —_> the radio, access points, routers and their associated applications — to catch up.

This is part of why is in stealth mode. We are not going to engage with the consumer market. We are betting that it will be years before all enterprise enterprises see the potential and thus the need for their own cellular networks.

At the current progress, we're going to be living a life in which the internet is faster than fiber-optic internet service at least twice over.We're going to live in a world much more like the one envisioned by sci-fi writers --> a world in which we no longer need broadband internet at all to access the rest of the world.

At AWS, we believe that security and privacy are key differentiators for our enterprise customers, just as they are for our AWS customers. In the past, we’ve made public commitments regarding how AWS manages our own data. But this week, we’re making another one: we’re committing to providing a complete end-to-end security and privacy envelope for our enterprise customers. d2c66b5586


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