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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading M.Ok.Ru Videos Online for Free has many amazing video clips and music on it. With the correct tools, you can download these videos easily. Here we share two reliable video downloaders and show you how to download videos with simple steps. You can quick install the free tool here and follow our guide below to download videos from efficiently:

how to download

Download apk:

Odnoklassniki ( is one of the leading Russia-based social media websites. Odnoklassniki means Classmates (Russian: Одноклассники). It is originally designed to keep classmates and friends in touch. is the same as VKontakte(VK), and all registered users can upload and share their favorite or homemade videos on the website. When finding the favorite videos, the users can hit the like button, leave a comment, repost it and follow the creator. However, like other video sharing sites, doesn't provide the video download option. If you're looking for some ways to download videos, you can find a satisfying answer in the following article.

Free HD Video Converter Factory offers the easiest solution to download as many 8K/4K/1080P/720P/480P videos from as you like. It also allows you to edit, compress and convert the downloaded videos to popular formats and devices for smooth playback.

For downloading videos from Odnoklassniki, we need a professional tool to do the work. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is such an ideal downloader for downloading videos. Not only can the software download Odnoklassniki videos, it also supports downloading videos from other 300+ mainstream sites, such as downloading YouTube Video, download JibJab videos and download Viki videos. Now, get this tool here and follow the instructions below to download videos from

After the download process is completed, you can convert and edit the video further in Converter. The software allows you to edit your videossuch as clipping videos, merging videos, adding subtitle and special effects. If you can't find the desired formats, you can use the video conversion feature of this tool to convert to MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, etc.

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Tips. This online downloader is a web-based version of the previous desktop downloader. The steps of downloading videos with it is similar to the last method. Simply paste and analyze the video URL and you can start video download effortlessly. Have a try at this online downloader now:

The above two methods are practical for you who want to download videos effectively. Meanwhile, the desktop Free HD Video Converter Factory will be your best choice to download videos from Odnoklassniki for it is more stable and efficient than the online one. In addition, besides downloading your wanted videos with it, you can also use it to convert videos to 500+ formats and devices like converting MP4 to DivX, MP4 to HEVC, video to audio, etc. Now, install the wonderful video downloader and enjoy all the amazing features.

OK.RU (Odnoklassniki) is a social network service mainly used in Russia, and it has been more and more popular. A growing number of users share videos on this platform. How to download your favorite OK.RU video? This post will show you how to download from OK.RU with 4 OK.RU downloaders.

On OK.RU, you can watch many videos uploaded by other users and it has columns for live videos, sport videos, educational videos. Sometimes, you may want to save an interesting from this site. But how to download from OK.RU? This post offers clear guides. (Try MiniTool MovieMaker to edit the downloaded video.)

PasteDownload supports popular video formats such as MP4, MP3, MKV, and others. You can select the video quality ranging from Low Quality level 144p up to 1080p Full HD by clicking the Download button before downloading it.

If you're having trouble downloading videos on PasteDownload, it's either an error or a specific problem that shouldn't be happening. You can always contact our Technical Support via the Contact Form provided. Please describe clearly what kind of problem you are experiencing. Submit a screenshot of the error, if any, including the video URL, the type of device and browser you are using. This report is important to speed up the repair process that we will do. Usually, we'll have it fixed in less than 24 hours. Depending on the level of difficulty of the problem experienced.

I found some videos I would really like to save from here, but it seems all the usual video downloaders don't recognize this file type. Is there a way to download from here and convert to mp4 for easy watchability? Maybe even to save it to a google drive?

In addition to downloading with AnyVid, other excellent downloaders enable you to grab videos quickly as well. Follow the guide below to master how to download videos from with these 3 excellent tools.

As the most popular converter, BeeConverter allows converting video or audio to any format. Additionally, it has a built-in downloader that helps you download videos from 1,000+ supported sites. is one of these sites. Therefore, you need to copy a link from and click on the Paste Link button. Then, BeeConverter will parse the video and download it to your computer. Besides, if you only need a part of the video, you can trim the video via the embedded trimmer on BeeConverter. Try to explore these features now!

Like all social media sites, mobile app users play a big part. So video download also has a high demand from mobile device users. In this case, I will recommend 2 apps to download for Android users.

AnyVid is a reliable app capable of downloading videos from more than 1,000 popular sites, including Besides, it has high compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android. Furthermore, the powerful function of AnyVid is to download videos without losing any quality. Most importantly, it supports extracting audio from a video. That is to say, you can save music as a separate file from an video if you only want to focus on the song.

In the recommendation, this tutorial offers 6 ways to get download with the help of third-party programs or online tools. But, what can you do if you only want to grab one part of the video?

As for me, my number one pick is AnyVid. This downloader has both PC and Android versions. Besides, it also supports video downloads from many other sites such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and 1,000+ sites. Of course, its download performance is outstanding, which is the most significant reason I choose it.

AnyVid is the best easy-to-use desktop software to download from on Windows, Mac, and Android. So you can quickly grab the video on Mac.First, launch the AnyVid program and paste the video link from or insert the keyword in the search box.Then, choose one desired quality and download it.Therefore, you can watch this video without any limitations.

Please, keep in mind, this website I've built for 1 single purpose - to facilitate video download from Odnoklassniki's network. It doesn't do anything else, and it will not do anything else in the future. Maybe if there's a strong demand, I could add video to mp3 converter, please, drop me an email if that is strongly desired. I've also made friends with this awesome group of online video enthusiasts, and we are trying to help each other promote our social downloaders, check them out in this section. Otherwise here's the skinny on how to use my website in 3 simple steps:

Once you have the link, the whole process seems so much easier now, right? Just paste the link into the box, hit GO and have all the possible options and download formats in front of you. Once you hit Download button, please, give it a moment, it needs to do some tinkering before video download will start. Sometimes up to 5-10 seconds of wait, be patient. and then download will start, it most likely will go in jumps even if your download speed if great, - as OK.RU is trying to throttle fast video downloads.. Can't help that, just give it a few more seconds and watch file download in batches/chunks.. Isn't it fascinating?

You can download OK.RU for Android from the Uptodown platform, where you'll find the latest version of this app's APK. Once the file is downloaded, simply grant the necessary installation permissions and run it.

I have been unable to join my account for 2 months. I have a working 2009 account. I downloaded the app again, and every time I insert my phone number and password, the search continues, and not...

If you want to share cool things with your friends and loved ones, but also stay up to date with the recent viral trends and videos, then this amazing social media platform is perfect for you. works like a giant chat room because you can talk and send files to anyone you want around the world, without any file size or data limitations. This makes it so easy and fun to watch the newest clips and funny compilations. You can even download whatever video you like directly from the too, without installing any program on your device. This is possible with the video downloader, which is a fully online tool and does not even require registration or any kind of fee. You can browse this amazing social media website and find as many videos as you want because the downloader also does not have a daily or weekly download limit on videos. has few amazing free features like Video calls and voice calls. You can even post and edit photos and videos. This website is already full of trending music clips and funny videos, therefore you will surely have fun browsing this platform, even by yourself. But, you can also download videos with the video downloader and collect them to show to your friends later at the party.


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