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Buy Drysol Online

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Drysol is typically applied once daily at bedtime to affected areas although the application frequency may be different, depending on the judgement of the medical provider and the length of use. Some providers may also prescribe covering the area of treatment with a plastic wrap. Drysol should not be applied to broken skin or areas with skin irritation. Prescription Drysol generally contains a higher concentration of aluminum salts than Drysol OTC versions. Drysol is relatively inexpensive, costing under $20 at most US pharmacies for 1 bottle with 35 ml of 20% topical solution. Drysol coupons may also be available online. Some people want a Drysol prescription because of its higher strength and because and some insurance plans may cover the cost of a Drysol prescription when prescribed.

Some versions of Drysol with weaker concentrations are available over the counter (OTC) and online in the United States. Prescription Drysol, like other prescription medications, are only available at pharmacies in the United States with a valid prescription from a medical provider and, for these versions, one cannot buy Drysol online. People who need a Drysol prescription, however, can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider who can prescribe Drysol medication, including Drysol topical, when appropriate to do so.

Items indicated as prescription status are for walk in customers and will not be processed online. This website is strictly used for the selling of non-prescription and over-the-counter items. A valid prescription from a physician licensed to practice medicine and prescribe medications in the place where you live must be faxed or sent to us before we can process your prescription orders at one of our locations. Orders cannot exceed a maximum of 3 month supply at one time. Generic medication can be substituted for a brand medication upon request and where available, unless specifically indicated by your physician not to. 59ce067264


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