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Why Mumbai Saga Movie is a Must-Watch in HD 1080p Resolution

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: A Thrilling Crime Drama Set in the 80s and 90s

If you are a fan of action and crime movies, you might want to check out Mumbai Saga, a 2021 film directed by Sanjay Gupta and starring John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi. The movie is based on true events and tells the story of Amartya Rao, a gangster who rises to power in Mumbai by taking on the corrupt and powerful. The movie also features Mahesh Manjrekar as Bhau, a politician who supports Amartya, Prateik Babbar as Arjun, Amartya's brother, Kajal Aggarwal as Seema, Amartya's love interest, and Gulshan Grover as Nari Khan, a smuggler who helps Amartya.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p

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The movie is set in the era of the 80s and 90s, which were marked as a transformed period of Mumbai. The city was undergoing rapid changes in terms of infrastructure, economy, and politics. The movie shows how Amartya and his gang take advantage of these changes and establish their dominance in the underworld. The movie also depicts the rivalry between Amartya and Gaitonde, another gangster who wants to eliminate him. The movie also explores the relationship between Amartya and Vijay Sawarkar, an encounter specialist who is determined to kill him.

Why You Should Watch Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p

There are many reasons why you should watch Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p. Here are some of them:

  • The movie has a gripping plot that keeps you hooked till the end. The movie has many twists and turns that keep you guessing about what will happen next. The movie also has a lot of action scenes that are well-choreographed and executed.

  • The movie has a stellar cast that delivers impressive performances. John Abraham plays the role of Amartya with conviction and charisma. He portrays the character's ruthlessness, loyalty, and vulnerability with ease. Emraan Hashmi plays the role of Vijay with intensity and flair. He shows the character's determination, courage, and conflict with aplomb. The supporting cast also does a great job in their respective roles.

  • The movie has a realistic and authentic portrayal of Mumbai in the 80s and 90s. The movie captures the essence of the city's culture, history, and politics with accuracy and detail. The movie also uses real locations and sets that add to the realism of the story.

  • The movie has a high-quality production value that enhances the viewing experience. The movie is shot in HD 1080p resolution that makes the visuals crisp and clear. The movie also has a great sound design and music score that complement the mood and tone of the story.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p is a thrilling crime drama that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout. The movie is available to watch online on Prime Video with a 30-day free trial. You can also download it for free from MovieSpyHD. Don't miss this opportunity to watch one of the best movies of 2021.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: What the Critics and Audience are Saying

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p has received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. The movie has been praised for its action, performances, and realism, but also criticized for its length, predictability, and clichés. Here are some of the reviews from the critics and the audience:

"Mumbai Saga is a typical Sanjay Gupta film that is stylized, slick and sassy. It has all the ingredients of a mass entertainer - action, drama, romance, comedy, and music. The movie is a tribute to the Mumbai of the 80s and 90s and showcases the rise and fall of a gangster with flair. John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi are in top form and deliver power-packed performances. The movie is a treat for the fans of the genre and the actors." - SAMTHEBESTEST from IMDb

"Mumbai Saga is a disappointing crime saga that fails to live up to its potential. The movie is a rehash of many gangster films that we have seen before and offers nothing new or exciting. The movie is too long, too predictable, and too clichéd. The movie wastes the talent of its cast and relies on outdated tropes and stereotypes. The movie is a letdown for those who expect a gripping and original story." - Ronak Kotecha from Times of India

"Mumbai Saga is a decent crime thriller that has its moments but also its flaws. The movie has a good premise and a good cast, but also a weak script and a weak direction. The movie has some engaging scenes and some thrilling action sequences, but also some boring stretches and some illogical twists. The movie is not a masterpiece, but not a disaster either. It is a one-time watch for those who like this genre." - Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p is not just another gangster movie. It has some interesting facts behind it that make it more intriguing. Here are some of them:

  • The movie is based on true events and real-life characters. John Abraham plays Amartya Rao, who is inspired by Amar Naik, a notorious gangster who ruled Mumbai in the 90s. Emraan Hashmi plays Vijay Sawarkar, who is inspired by Vijay Salaskar, an encounter specialist who killed many gangsters. Prateik Babbar plays Arjun Rao, who is inspired by Ashwin Naik, Amar's brother who became a politician. Amole Gupte plays Gaitonde, who is inspired by Arun Gawli, another gangster who became a politician. Mahesh Manjrekar plays Bhau, who is inspired by Balasaheb Thackeray, the founder of Shiv Sena.

  • The movie was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was released after almost a year of its completion. The movie was initially scheduled to release in June 2020, but was postponed due to the lockdown and the closure of theatres. The movie was finally released on March 19, 2021 in theatres with 50% occupancy.

  • The movie was shot in real locations and sets that recreated the Mumbai of the 80s and 90s. The movie used vintage cars, bikes, buses, trains, phones, costumes, and props to give an authentic look and feel to the story. The movie also used real-life landmarks like VT station, JJ Hospital, Crawford Market, Dongri Jail, etc.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: How the Movie Fared at the Box Office

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p was one of the few movies that released in theatres amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie faced a tough competition from other releases and the rising cases of the virus. The movie also had a limited screen count and occupancy due to the restrictions and guidelines. The movie opened with a decent collection of Rs. 2.82 crore on its first day, but witnessed a drop on its second day with Rs. 2.40 crore. The movie picked up on its third day with Rs. 3.52 crore, taking its first weekend total to Rs. 8.74 crore. The movie continued to perform moderately on the weekdays, but faced a major setback on its second weekend due to the lockdown imposed in Maharashtra and other states. The movie ended its theatrical run with a lifetime collection of Rs. 13.43 crore in India and Rs. 1.65 crore in overseas markets, taking its worldwide total to Rs. 15.08 crore. The movie was also released on OTT platform Prime Video within a month of its theatrical release.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: The Verdict

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p is a movie that caters to a specific audience who enjoy watching action-packed crime dramas set in the past. The movie has its strengths and weaknesses, but it delivers what it promises - a masala entertainer with a lot of style and substance. The movie has a good story, a good cast, and a good production value, but it also suffers from some flaws like a long runtime, a predictable plot, and some clichés. The movie is not for everyone, but it is worth a watch for those who like this genre and the actors.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: Some Memorable Scenes from the Movie

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p has some memorable scenes that showcase the talent and charisma of the actors and the director. Here are some of them:

  • The scene where Amartya Rao kills Khaitan in broad daylight in front of his office. This scene establishes Amartya as a fearless and powerful gangster who does not care about the consequences. The scene also shows the rivalry between Amartya and Gaitonde, who had hired Khaitan to finish him off.

  • The scene where Vijay Sawarkar confronts Amartya Rao in his house and challenges him to a duel. This scene shows the clash of ideologies and personalities between the two characters. Vijay is a law-abiding officer who wants to end the reign of terror of Amartya, while Amartya is a rebel who wants to rule Mumbai on his own terms. The scene also has some witty dialogues and intense expressions.

  • The scene where Amartya Rao saves his brother Arjun from Gaitonde's men in the prison. This scene shows the bond and loyalty between the brothers, who are ready to die for each other. The scene also has some thrilling action sequences and stunts.

  • The scene where Seema Rao sings a song for Amartya Rao on their wedding anniversary. This scene shows the softer and romantic side of Amartya, who is otherwise a ruthless and cold-blooded gangster. The scene also has a beautiful song and a lovely chemistry between John Abraham and Kajal Aggarwal.

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p: Some Interesting Trivia About the Movie

Mumbai Saga Movie Hd 1080p is not just another gangster movie. It has some interesting trivia behind it that make it more fun and fascinating. Here are some of them:

  • The movie was originally titled as Bombay Saga, but was changed to Mumbai Saga later to avoid any controversy.

The movie was initially planned to be made as a web series, but was later converted into a feature film due to the demand of the producers.


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